Tingkat Café and Restaurant, 厅咖, Chengdu (2015)

Situated in Taikoo Li Development, Chengdu, China, Tingkat serves a combination of authentic South East Asian cuisine and English tea, cakes and sweets. Tingkat is a unique dining experience built on the story of a young English couple whom in their 40’s relocated to the Straits Settlement for their spice trading business. Whilst they fell in love with the exotic and robust flavours of the cuisine on the region, they also wanted to share their British culture of tea and sweets with their newfound Asian friends. Tingkat is their home where they entertain and build beautiful friendships over sharing of food and culture.
Led by the brand story, the 2,000 sq ft space was designed to provide a soft yet sophisticated environment, reflecting a comfortable home conducive for both tea and dining with family and friends, with a touch of colonialism with patterned grilles and the choice of materials, finishing and decorative items. While there were touches old, the design team was mindful of keeping the design timeless and modern, mirroring the environment of the Taikoo Li development – a conserved Chinese temple where modern temple-like blocks of mall spaces were built around.