Straits Clan, Singapore (2018)

A private social club targeted at opinion-leaders in Singapore who are progressive in thoughts, curious and passionate about causes. The Straits Clan brand identity is designed to incite curiousity and express countless possibilities. Being a proudly-Singaporean creation, the form of the logo is reminiscent of the Peranakan heritage with its intricate patterns and details, interpreted with clean basic shapes to enhance the contemporary feel. The shapes also symbolise the founding team's hope that Straits Clan will encourage the coming together of different people from all walks of life, with different drives and aspirations, to build the club as a hothouse of new ideas and perspectives. In the creation of its various collaterals, the team was mindful in engaging local creators, from a young and budding illustrator to a local fashion brand who prides itself in sustainable and handcrafted fabrics.