SANYO Shokai, New York (2016)

The 100nen Coat (100-year Coat, translated from Japanese) is a signature trench coat by SANYO Shokai. This work of craft was created by the artisans at SANYO Sewing, a factory that made coats for over 45 years in Japan.

During its recent 100nen Coat exhibition at New York’s hpgrp Gallery in December 2016, we designed an installation that seeks to exhibit a man’s life story through objects of emotions, be it items that reflect happiness, sadness, melancholic moments or even the uneventful everyday occurrences. Personal objects such as umbrella, gloves, old photographs, love letters, lost button, misplaced belt, etc. are hung from the ceiling, creating a sense of wonder as visitors explore each object and the story behind it. At its core, the 100nen Coat is designed for longevity, manifesting life stories with it.