Grand Cru Wine Concierge, Singapore (2019)

The Grand Cru Wine Concierge carries the top-notch wines which are referred to as Grand Cru or the best of the best. Hence, its brand identity is conceptualised to appeal to an established and discerning crowd of matured wine aficionados - simple yet impactful, where the subtle nuances of Grand Cru are carried through in the collateral through classy print techniques. A wine glass subtly replaces the letter 'U' of its name providing a touch of surprise.

The interior is designed with the branding Cru in mind. A modern, elegant space featuring a darker palette of metals and woods, highlighting credibility. Fine design details, raw accents, luxe tasting table and an open wine display lining both sides of the walls, draw in the guests and presents a welcoming environment for the enjoyment of wine and good company.