Anzara, Bali (2015)

A new brand of resorts and cruising business, Anzara positions itself as a contemporary brand that offers hospitality which is luxurious yet affordable.

The brand identity of Anzara Resorts resembles a master floor plan where villas are projected within a space. Kite-shaped droplets, symbolizing the villas, diverge from the centre, akin to rays of the sun.

On the other hand, Anzara Cruises manifests its brand identity through a palette of blue hues and overlapping shapes to convey the idea of sea and ships.

Anzara essentially means ‘the centre of light’ in Sanskrit, while ‘An’, which is a key prefix for the client’s span of businesses also means peace in Mandarin. With these in mind, as well as the inherent emotions one seeks when on holiday at a resort or on a cruise line, the resultant designs were angled to communicate elements such as tranquility, warmth, fun, understated elegance and chic as well as indulgence.