JustIN and Chinoiserie by Justin Quek (2018)

We designed 2 restaurants for Chef Justin Quek at Marina Bay Sands. JustIN is a casual bistro serving Singapore favourites while Chinoiserie is a fine dining restaurant serving French-Asia fare which Chef Justin is celebrated for. The design for JustIN is modern and contemporary with some hints of Singapore and France with the use of Peranakan tiles paired with simple French wall beading.

Chinoiserie takes the dining experience up a notch with the use of luxurious materials and textures. The facade is made up of French-inspired panels which provide a sense of glitz and glamour. However, the arrival experience is still welcoming, as lighter materials are used alongside darker and more luxe stone finishes to balance the mood. s. Each private dining room has a different coloured marble to subtly differentiate the rooms and with the Asian art selection throughout the space, Chinoiserie features a perfect marriage of east and west.