Yàn, Singapore (2015)

Nestled in National Gallery Singapore, Yàn offers authentic Cantonese cuisine presented with a touch of modernity. The Yàn experience is one reminiscent of convivial gatherings uniting kinships and friendships through food. A research into oriental symbols inspired Asylum to create a brand identity for Yàn that when simplified, forms a design language with the Chinese knot – a symbol of good luck and prosperity. The knot is then a recurring brand mark following through the menus juxtaposed with warm and cool ombre hues.

Its interior connects diners with the nature of its location – art. A new Chinese interior language is created through a modern and artistic reinterpretation of traditional elements.

Silk weaving, one of the oldest art forms by the Chinese, takes centre stage in the dining hall as it lends inspiration to the brightly coloured space dividers where strings in hues of red, pink and purple, interweave. The placement of booth seats in-between the screens are carefully considered so that the space is symmetrical – a preference of the
Chinese where happiness and luck are better in pairs. Down the dining hall, a large fabric embroidery wall design with a medley of Chinese influenced
fabric conceals the doors to two private dining rooms.