Common Man Coffee Roasters, Singapore (2017)

The second outlet of Common Man Coffee Roasters is a 2,150 sq ft space located at Stanley Street with a sophisticated and clean space. Its light-hearted dining ambiance intertwines the concept of an Australian milk bar. This is typically identified by glamorous art deco, decked out in marble countertops and a handful of seated booths, with an interior layout that attracts communal gatherings.

We introduced modernized rounded windows in curvilinear art deco style as a back wall feature of the café bar while booth seats act as a highlight along the walls. Staying true to an Australian milk bar, a communal table and long bar encourage guests to mingle. Inspired by the surrounding locale, rattan weaving used within the space acquaints with the local cafe origin. Brass & stone finishes are used to create a luxurious space while printed upholstery softens the overall ambiance.