Yoshiyuki & Horse’s Mouth, Singapore (Refreshed 2018)

Yoshi underwent a brand and interior refresh in 2018 to enhance the sense of welcome and approachability when consumers experience its brand touch points. The new logo identity is inspired by the fluid form of a swimming fish, coming together to form the shape of a cherry blossom flower, a symbol of new beginnings. The form of this fish, fabricated in wood, placed in random poetic manner along the entrance walkway creates a cheerful and lighter experience for guests walking into the restaurant.

Within the counter dining area, ash paneled geometrical forms cast intriguing wall details in the warmly lit interior. With a playful and fun attitude, izakaya bar Horse’s Mouth features 3,000 origami flowers across 3 glass displays that create an explosion of colours, while brown wooden shelves house a textural mix of used wood, akin to a well-stocked library of books.