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The Johnnie Walker House Edit, Volume 02, The Creation Issue

Making sense of it all.


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Design, August/September 2014, Taiwan

An insight into Asylum’s source
of inspiration.


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Asylum x Vulture Magazine September 2014

Amidst the constant technology innovations that threaten to take
over physical brick-and-mortar book stores, Asylum dreams up what
an ideal book store of the future
should feel like to be ahead of the technology-driven population.


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Design 360 degrees, Japan

Creative Director Chris Lee’s take
on various typefaces for two of our
recent projects.


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Creative Director Chris Lee featured in international magazines April/May 2014

+Designing, Japan, May 2014


漂亮家居 The Top 50 Chinese Designers, Taiwan, April 2014


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Asylum gets hammered for National Gallery identity

7th April 2014 – If you haven’t heard yet, it seems that Asylum’s latest project created a firestorm on the digital media platform. Before we could raise our glasses to toast in celebration of the unveiling of National Gallery’s identity, we got wind of the news that our latest creation was the talk of the town. A clear division stands between the school of thought that felt the logo was plain lazy, and an opposing school of thought that championed that the beauty of the logo lies in its simplicity.


Naturally, the curious nudged us to elaborate more on our ‘two simple blocks’ of logo. In fact, it excites us that people are adding on a twist of their own creativity to our design. Our top two favourites are the likening of the logo to Tetris Blocks and Space Invaders. Don’t be surprised if we end up doing our own spoof versions too!


Below is the full transcript between Chris Lee and MyPaper. Plain lazy or sophisticated simplicity? We let you decide.


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Asylum’s recognition at Singapore Design Awards (SDA) 2014

On the night of 13th March, Asylum was awarded with Asia’s Top Design Practice in the various categories: Print, Interior, Branding and Multi-displinary. The results were music to our ears as we learnt that we were the only company that swept up accolades in multiple categories. It was indeed a night of huge celebration for us as we drank to our hearts’ content (not that we ever needed a reason to drink!)

Cubes Magazine’s Feb/Mar 2014

Johnnie Walker House, Seoul gets featured in Cubes Magazine’s Feb/Mar 2014 issue.

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The Asylum Newsletter, January 2014

January 2014 – Fresh from our inspiration seeking trip in Kyoto, it is easy to guess why we are working twice as hard! While we had fond memories in 2013, we are embracing the arrival of a new year with more to look forward to. In this issue we would like to share with you some of our most recent works. Here’s wishing you an amazing 2014!


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Asian Creatives

Asian Creatives is a newly launched book introducing 150 must-see creators in art design, illustration and photography from Asia. Chris Lee is featured as one of the key creative figures leading the creative scene, whereby he shares about the today and tomorrow of creativity in Singapore and introduces a selection of some most talented individuals.