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Chocolate Research Facility wins top award in Asia! – 7 Dec 2009

We’re proud to announce that CRF was awarded Design For Asia Grand award last Friday (4th Dec) in Hong Kong. The DFA grand award commends the best designs based on their design excellence, influence in Asia and commercial success. Other recipients include Toyo Ito and Arup Associates.

Business of Design Week (BODW) 2009 – 5 Dec 2009

If you happen to pop by the Land of Good Dim Sum in December, why not consider trotting over to the BODW Forum on the 5th? Chris Lee will be speaking at Asia’s leading conference dedicated to design, innovation and brands, together with an unrivalled group of the world’s foremost designers such as Jean Nouvel (France), Toyo Ito (Japan), Ben Van Berkel (The Netherlands). Log on to to find out more!

President’s Design Award 2009 – 20 Nov 2009

Today is perhaps the happiest day for all of us at Asylum and we can’t wait to share the good news with all of you guys out there! Chris has been awarded Designer of the Year for the President’s Design Award 2009 Singapore’s highest honour for designers and designs. Now there’s another reason for us to pop more bottles of champagne over the weekend!

How the Hell Did That Get In? – 17 Nov 2009

Swing by YelloJello Retrobar on 17 November at 6pm as the judges reveal the secrets to winning the prestigious D&AD Awards! Helmed by local advertising bigwigs together with Chris Lee, revel in a night of mayhem as they uncover how it takes more than luck to win that pencil.

Launch of 4 Fingers BonChon Crispy Chicken – 4 Nov 2009

Revolving around the theme based on underground movement, we created an atypical brand identity for the new Korean fried chicken outlet. Founded by 4 friends who have travelled extensively around the world and profess to know the best places to eat, drink and play, the name “4 Fingers” was thus born. Resonating with cult movement to uncover non-mainstream ‘Best Kept Secrets’ and share discoveries with like-minded people, the graffiti style inspired by the streets of New York, was used in creating its brand identity ranging from its brand collaterals, interior design to the website. Head on down to Ion Orchard (#B4-06) and we say they’re “Amazingly Delicious!”.

Blueprint Asia – Architecture + Design – November 2009

Finger In The Pie? Read the interview with Chris Lee as he unveils the secrets behind the coolest gastronomic branding concepts around the island.

Chris heads off to judge Tokyo TDC – Oct 2009

Chris Lee heads off to Tokyo to judge the prestigious Tokyo Type Directors Club awards, along side with John Warwicker (Tomato) and Yugo Nakamura (

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