The Incredible Adventures of Border Crossers, Palais De Tokyo, Paris (2015)

Directed and created by Ong Keng Sen, the performance was forged in collaboration with other like-minded creatives specialising in different aspects (photography, video, sound and design), namely Francis Ng, Brian Gothong Tan, Kaffe Matthews, Reckless Ericka and Asylum. It tells a story of past-present-future through the voices of border crossers, where real-life border crossers from Europe, the Americas, and the Asia-Pacific are invited to be performers.

In this exciting art-performance installation that debuted in Palais De Tokyo, Paris, on 26th March 2015, Asylum designed its environment and stage that hosted the installation. The stage came to life as the Border Crossers were projected on translucent screens, whilst the actors engage in their performance.

The Incredible Adventures of Border Crossers was re-staged in Singapore in September for the 2015 Singapore International Festival of Arts (SIFA).